Sour Cream Container
They are the cutest surprises to have in a basket when your Trick-Or-Treaters come to call…quick, easy and fun!  We call them "Sour Cream Containers", but they're not filled with sour cream, of course….they're filled with candy or a small surprise! 

I saw this tutorial on Brian King's blog, and I thought it would be fun to share it here with you.

1.    Trim a piece of Designer Series Paper to 4 1/4" X 5 1/2".  Roll the paper into a tube before getting started…warms the paper up a bit before the finale!

2.    Position the paper with the longer sides at the top and bottom facing you.  Add adhesive to the entire left hand side  -  to the top portion of the paper, from the left side to about the center of the paper, and to the bottom…centered at the bottom…about 2.5 inches.  (If you look closely, you can see the adhesive on the edges of the paper).

3.    Roll the paper into a tube lining up your edges along the way. 


4.    Pinch one end of the tube, securing it tightly.


5.    Add your candy or a little surprise gift (as Brian says…"it's probably not a good idea to fill your tube with sour cream…").

6.    Now pinch the other end shut in the opposite direction of (or perpendicular to) the original pinch!

7.    Embellish with some colorful tags and ribbons, place in a basket, and your ready to answer the door!  Great little Halloween Party Favors, or use as Halloween Table Place Cards "…the only limitation is your imagination…!"



Hope you enjoy, and remember…

Express Your Creativity!