Happy Mother’s Day to all wonderful Moms!

As I’m writing this post today, I’m thinking of my two beautiful children and what a proud and blessed Mom I am. My Daughter and Son are adults navigating their own respective courses, and I couldn’t be happier for each of them. They are beautiful, bright, and most importantly, caring adults, and I wish them life’s abundance beyond their wildest dreams.

I lost my Mom just over three years ago. She was in many ways my Life Coach, and a very good stamping partner! She loved blender pens!!!

Mom suffered a massive stroke many years ago…I was a soon to be Mom at the time. She was paralyzed and couldn’t speak, but that didn’t stop her. She was always smiling.

Mom had beautiful, individual relationships with each of her grandchildren, me, my two sisters, and her wonderful sons-in-law. She knew she was blessed with a loving family and we were all grateful for the strength she gave us and the lessons she taught us.

She spoke with her heart and loved with all her soul. This was her legacy for us. One of the few words she spoke very clearly was “happy”…she just wanted us all to be “happy”.  Mom, we all are….

….so, float through the air and fly through the breeze…and be just as beautiful in your new life, please!  The lesson you left was to love with your soul and speak with your heart, and Mom, we will never be apart.

I love you so much and miss you more.