Happy Tuesday!

Yesterday, I planned to work on a project and blog post for a sketch challenge and did manage to accomplish it but not without lots of iterations.

I know, that’s a really fancy word, and I loved hearing it.  A stamping friend and brilliant card maker, Brian King, used iterations in a recent comment reply to me and his words made me smile.  I thought to myself, “I know exactly what you mean, Brian”. “I’ve been there, too.”  To “iterate” means to repeat a process until you get a desired result. That process could involve just about anything.

What goes on behind the scenes when I’m creating a card project generally involves a good amount of iterations – re-cutting layers until I like the fit, making sure there’s no lint on my stamp after I see that little line or dot that wasn’t intended to be part of my stamped image – replacing a circle with a square – re-tying that bow – changing the card stock or ink color, etc., etc.

So, back to yesterday.  I downloaded the sketch, took a good look at it and my personal creative process began. (We all have one, right?)  My first thought was “long, lean images” so I went with images from Painted Poppies. Today’s card was my first version of the sketch.  Once I photographed the card, uploaded it and looked at the sketch again, I realized there weren’t three layers on top.

But, I loved this card!  I matched the “Thank You” sentiment so well.  It fit between two of the poppies. The font line weight is almost identical to the line weight of the poppies. I was so proud of that, but I didn’t have layers so, back to the beginning I went paying more attention to the sketch.

Today’s project is a really cool card, but in my mind I needed layers for the sketch challenge. Below is my iteration of today’s card. This one has layers, the sentiment style and placement are different, and there’s not as much white space.  The products I used and the colors are identical.  You can click here to see yesterday’s post.

And here’s the sketch.

So, today I’m not going to ask you to grab anything, pull out your patterned paper, or create something stunning. I’m going to finish with this…

In my card classes there were never any mistakes only really good “saves” or beautiful “iterations”.  On many occasions at least one of the ladies would repeat my words back to me… “There are no mistakes!”

I want my posts to inspire my readers to always enjoy their unique creative process as I do mine.  My personal creative process does make me smile and even laugh out loud as I never know what the outcome will be and it surprises me.  I create and share my projects with that wish for you all.

Amid just a bit of frustration, yesterday happened to turn out just fine!!

The only limitation is your imagination!

Below is the product list for the supplies I used in today’s project.  You can click on each image to get more detailed product information or click the shopping bag below to shop my online store.