Here's a little sampling of the "Watercolor Winter Simply Created Card Kit".

I got this card kit a while back, opened it, looked at it (and all the pieces), and put it all back into its packaging. My first reaction was that it was a bit tedious… so, there it sat in full view. Everytime I went into my studio, it was there looking at me.

Card Class3

I finally went to it… filled my little glass bowl with some water and only a few drops of Old Olive ink… then I painted the trees… painted them again, and again. They didn't take long to dry at all. Now it was time to assemble… quick, easy and such a pretty result.  After my painting experience, I would add at least 8 to 10 drops of ink to about one inch of water… you won't have to re-paint as I did.

So, I rinsed out my glass bowl, filled it again with about an inch of water… this time I added 10 drops of Cherry Cobbler ink. I lined up the sleds and painted them… painted them again. That's it, only twice and the color is gorgeous… and smooth as silk… it's all in the amount of ink, and by the way, the vellum snowflake is gorgeous as are the opaque white sequins. 

Card Class2

I did take a little bit of creative license with the sleigh card and changed it up a bit from its original version, but that's the best part of the card kits… you can take a piece from here and there and… create!

There are two more cards to go and they're both sweet and simple. 

So, if you want to have some stampin fun, order the "Watercolor Winter Simply Created Card Kit", invite a few friends over, and create some festive Holiday cards.



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